Tuesday, September 22, 2009

diagnostic essay

Antigua Foreign Soil

I got a great graduation present. My mom took my cousin Taylor, her parents Melinda and Kevin, and me to Antigua for a week. We arrived right on time, but when we went to get our passports checked we ended up waiting in line for two hours. So we were a little agitated by then. The taxi that we got was actually a van and the steering wheel was on the right side. The van had a video playing and it was on Bob Marley’s life.

The resort that we were staying at was brand new. It had only been open for about two weeks. So it was very nice and the natives were so nice. They had a mix between British and Jamaican accents. We had our own private beach, well the resort did. Donkeys would walk right up to you and by you no problem. Taylor and I were told that if the animals had rope around their necks that meant they had owners. Animals were just aloud to roam around the island by themselves. The next day Taylor and I decided to go jet skiing. The water is so beautiful and clear. We were having a blast but half an hour later we decided to just take a break and float around on the jetskiis. Well while floating I looked down and there was a sea turtle right there in reach. It was so amazing to see such a beautiful creature.

By the fourth day we all went sightseeing. It is such a beautiful island. It had its downside like we do though. In the low side of the mountains there’s a village of shacks and poverty. Their hospital was as big as Wendy’s. But the higher up in the mountains you got the nicer the villages and houses. The day after we went shopping. There was a little town that was just shopping and casinos. It was a bunch of little markets on the sidewalks and streets. Those people do that every day, and that’s all they do that’s how they make their living. There were no set prices on anything it was all bargaining. That night we all packed because we were leaving the next day. After we packed we went and said goodbye to all the staff that we had befriended and have a good time.

The flight home was just awful. Our flight was late arriving in New Jersey. When we got on the second plane it was thunder storming really bad. But we set off anyways on this tiny little plane. It was the worst flight ever. I have never been so scared in my life. My aunt, Taylor, and I were freaking out and my uncle was sleeping. My mom kept it together for us though, and was tending to us three as best as she could. Thank goodness we landed and safely. It was so worth it though. It was a once in a lifetime experience. If given the chance to go back we would all take it in a second.